Friday, August 19, 2011

Rebecca Minkoff MAC

After eyeing the MAC for what feels like ages, I finally took the plunge!

I had a terrible time picking a color, but I ultimately went with the almond bombe (black patent trim).  There are other colors that I like a lot (I have a list), but the almond bombe is really hard to find and I knew if I waited I'd likely miss out.  I'm now eagerly waiting for temperatures to fall so I can rock the patent leather.



  1. Ummm I Love that bag!! I think the colors you picked are great, fun but neutral and it will match EVERYTHING!!

  2. So pretty! Ugh I've been eyeing a Marc Jacobs for ages too, I need to just take the plunge like you....

  3. You picked the perfect color - I adore the MAC bag, and think that this is definitely worth adding to your collection :) That color will seriously go with everything - so versatile!
    Have a lovely weekend, dear! xox