Saturday, August 13, 2011

Craving: Rebecca Minkoff

I know Rebecca Minkoff has been around for a while, but I've just recently discovered her fabulous collection.  Here are a few things I'm currently in love with:

What a gorgeous color!  And I love that it's called tangerine.  The leather is of such high quality and I love how these bags get "smooshy" and a bit less structured over time.  

I've had my eye on the M.A.C. clutch for ages and I love the black leather accent of this bag.  Plus, the crossbody length would be so perfect with longsleeve fall dresses.  And the pop of color is just fantastic.

I love this color...the name "navy" doesn't do it justice.  This is the smaller size of the M.A.C clutch.  I tried it on in Bloomingdales a few weeks back and it's still quite big.  It would definitely be a good size for evening or even for a day when you wanted to travel light.  

Just another couple things to add to the birthday wishlist...

Thoughts?  Do you have any favorite Rebecca Minkoff bags?  What are your go-to fall bags?


  1. The M.A.C. one is amazing, and you are right, "navy" does no justice to the last one.

    My go to fall bag is my beach bag! I will put in on top of my work bag, that is my goal for fall.

  2. You picked some beauties. I do like her pieces quite a bit, but haven't yet bought one. (I keep edging closer tho'!)

    Sending you a smile,

  3. My mom has one of the Morning After bags (which is kind of a salacious name, if you think about it!), and I am constantly borrowing it from her! These are all gorgeous, and they come in such stunning colors.

    Lately I've been attached to my black Chloe bag - a little too much though! I need to find some type of a dark brown bag for fall :) xox

  4. I have the MAC clutch in black and I loved it last year! It was the perfect late fall bag. I scored mine at nordstrom rack for $100!