Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday C!

My absolutely gorgeous, crazy-smart BFF is celebrating her 22nd birthday today!  We've been friends for eight years now...we went to the same high school together and to college in the same city.  In a few days she'll be packing up and heading off to New York City for law school, so I'll definitely be giving her a proper sendoff!

The two of us last September in Cape Cod

C, you've been my absolute best friend through some tough times (as well as some very good).  You're one of those rare friends who I can share anything with and who I know will ALWAYS be by my side.  I also know you're going to go and kick ass up at school.  I'll miss you like crazy, but don't forget that you're only a three-hour train ride away...and please don't run off and become a Yankee's fan!  


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  1. Awwww! I LOVE YOU! Right back at ya for all of it :) And don't worry, I promise never to become a Yankee fan. As if.
    P.S. Good lord, we're cute.