Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lilly Planner

A few weeks back I blogged about how much I loved the new Lilly planners.  I got mine in the mail earlier this month and I've been in love with it ever since (I'm addicted!).  As I get started with law school one of my biggest goals is to stay organized...I'm horribly ADHD, so being able to plan in advance and stay on top of assignments is really important.

My planner from last year...kind of sad in comparison!


 The best markers for decorating paper and similar stuff...the line is so thin

 A look inside...

 I like to write in dates for major events (like birthdays and vacations) with marker and decorate with little doodles and color-coordinated dots.  I add in smaller events (mixers, school events, exams, etc.) in regular ballpoint pen.  

The Lilly planners have tabs for quickly navigating to a given month, but I like to use a binder clip as well. I got this clip in a sweet little gift bag when I ordered from The Pink Pelican during the Lilly two-day sale in June.  

How do you like to stay organized?  Do you have a system for organizing and decorating your agenda?  


  1. I love my Lilly planner! My whole life is in it!

  2. LOVE this! As much as I rely on my phone to track my calendar, having a planner is so essential - for some reason writing everything down helps me remember it all better! It seems like you have your system down - good for you, girl!
    Also, good luck with school - I went out with a friend who's in his second year and he told me, "Don't expect to see until probably next summer because I'll be reading." So seriously - good luck!

  3. @Allison: Thanks! I think everyone starting law school is feeling overwhelmed, so the well wished are very much appreciated!