Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloweekend!

Hello everyone!  This is going to be a quick post but I was in a bit of a fashion pickle this evening and I thought I'd share with you my solution quickly before I head out for a (tame and abbreviated) "night out" of the law school variety.  This differs from a normal night out in that I can neither drink nor stay out late because I have to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow to attack my unspeakable amount of homework.

So here we go:

I think most people would agree that a big part of style has to do with adaptability.  I don't remember who said this, I believe it was a designer and I'm pretty sure I read it in a magazine, but I've heard that "fashion is what we give you twice a year, style is what you make of it" or something along those lines.  This is very true.  I think this speaks to the fact that an important part of style is being able to find inspiration in "fashion" and trends, interpret it in your own way, and adapt it to the different situations you find yourself in.  Example: you have to channel your style in different ways when you are getting dressed to go to a party and when you are getting dressed to go to an interview.  You want to express yourself, but you want to fit the situation.

Now, how does this apply to Halloween?

Well.  Some people are more into Halloween than others.  For example, some people like to hold Halloween parties on nights other than Halloween.  Others like to hold, well, regular parties on the nights leading up to Halloween.  Tonight, I have two events on the agenda.  One has a Halloween theme, one does not.  I do not have time to change in between.  I had to find a way to make myself presentable enough for a non-Halloween gathering, and immediately afterwards, I had to be ready to look Halloween-y enough  for a costume party.

So without further ado, I give you my solution.

Black tank top, black tights, black cardigan, leopard skirt (H&M).  Ready for a regular party.

For my next trick, I will turn into a leopard!

Changes: Black cardigan swapped for leopard cardigan (Ann Taylor), black flats swapped for leopard heels (Target).

Et voila!  Heels and cardigan in the purse.  Regular outfit on.  Ready to go.

In a perfect world I would have ears and a tail, but this is not a perfect world and I had too much studying to do and no time to shop for costume appendages.  For throwing this together at the last minute (I'm sorry, Halloween snuck up on me this year!), I don't think I did half bad.

Hope you like the claws in the second photo.  You know, for effect.

Happy Halloweekend!


Beauty Inspiration: Drew Barrymore

I've always had a bit of a girl crush on Drew Barrymore.  Maybe it's because she has features vaguely similar to my own, but I've always found her to be a good source of beauty and style inspiration.  I love that she's widely considered a conventionally attractive woman, yet she still is very much her own person with her own unique style.

I couldn't resist the horse photo

This photo is so stunning

I love how her look is simultaneously girl-next-door yet sexy

A good motto to live by

Love her hair here

Thoughts?  Are you a fan of Drew?  Who are your fashion/beauty icons?  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  To me it signals the beginning of the holiday season - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all just around the corner!  My law school does a big Halloween party at a bar in DC, which I'm super excited about.

That said, coming up with a costume can be tough.  Shopping for a Halloween costume is bad enough, nevermind the fact that pretty much everything out there is either boring or skanktaculor.  (As I was explaining to one of my friends from school, I can't ask someone for a legal job who has seen my butt hanging out while dressed as a sexy beer garden girl.) Plus, our party is this Thursday, so I don't want something too out there that's going to have people giving me weird looks on the way home.

There are also a million other considerations involved.  I want something I can wear comfortable shoes with.  I want something that's sexy without being slutty.  I don't want to spend a lot of money, especially on things that I'll use once (those premade costumes are like $50+ and the lack of quality pretty much makes it a disposable item).  I want something that's recognizable (no one got my Sookie Stackhouse costume last year!).

Although it might be a bit boring, I've opted to embrace my horse girl roots and go as a cowgirl.

My dress is, of course, not Herve Leger (It's Express).  And I'm actually taking my (real!) spurs off my riding boots and putting them on my Fryes for the night.  

What are your considerations when coming up with a Halloween costume?  Do you have any big plans for this year?  Have you decided on a costume yet?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blogger ABCs

I've seen a few bloggers doing this and I thought this would be a great way to give you all a little more insight into who I am!  

A. AREA CODE: 301 (where I grew up, where my family lives, my phone's area code), 202 (where I live now)
B. BED SIZE: Queen
C. CHORE YOU HATE: Anything involving cleaning the bathroom
D. DOG'S NAME: Jake! 
E. ESSENTIAL "START THE DAY!" ITEM: English muffin with peanut butter (I pretty much eat the same breakfast every day).  
F. FAVORITE COLOR: Purple, probably, but it varies depending on my mood/the context
G. GOLD OR SILVER: Silver...yellow gold never looks good on me.  I'm too pale!
H. HEIGHT: 5'6"
I: INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: I sing in the shower.  (Truthfully, I played the flute for six months in 4th grade)
J. JOB: Professional law student (which, despite the horror stories I've heard...I love it.)  
K. KIDS: Not anytime soon.  
M. MOM'S NAME: Mom.  
N. NICKNAME: full name isn't Kate, so I suppose going by "Kate" is a nickname.  My dad also calls me Kitkat.  
P. PET PEEVE: I'm constantly telling my friends about rando things that annoy me, but I can't think of a single one now!
Frank Costello: Only kidding. How's your mother?
Man in bar: Oh... I'm afraid she's on her way out.
Frank Costello: We all are. Act accordingly.

"I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me...No one gives it to you; you have to take it."

(Both from The Departed)

S. SIBLINGS: None - I'm an only child.  
T. TIME YOU WAKE UP: Usually around 7 or so for class, 8 when I don't have class until later and on the weekends. 
U. UNDERWEAR:  Um...always? Hanky Panky thongs
V. VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE: Bean sprouts (are these even a vegetable?)
W. WAYS/REASONS YOU ARE LATE: I'm extremely punctual.  The only time I'm late is if there's serious traffic or some kind of emergency.  
X. XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: Dental xrays?  Also I broke my hand riding two years ago, so I had a couple xrays for that.  
Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: I can bake really well...brownies are probably my specialty.  
Z. ZOO ANIMALS YOU LIKE: Zebras, because it fits the category and I love horses!

If you've done the ABCs, send me a link!  I'd love to get to know more people in the blogging community!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Swag

I was incredibly lucky that I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday (a little over two weeks ago) with the people I love.  I thought I'd share some of the incredibly generous gifts my lovely friends and family sent my way.

A beautiful bouquet from my lovely mother

Kate Spade wristlet from C (how cute is this?)

Lilly Cocktail shaker from C (She knows me too well!)

A singing Alvin&The Chipmunks card signed by my dog (does anyone else's family do this??)

Stunningly pretty David Yurman necklace from my parents

Thanks for letting me share....I hope you're all having a beautiful weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Craving: Kate Spade Mittens

Yesterday was one of the first chilly days of fall and it definitely got me in the mood for cozy winter accessories.  Although I've never actually owned a pair (at least since I was a little kid), I love mittens!  As far as mittens go, Kate Spade definitely has the cutest.

And my personal favorite...

And how sweet would any of these be with this adorable matching hat?

These are all so cute!  What are your favorite cold weather accessories?  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cobalt Blue

One of my absolute favorite colors is cobalt blue.  I have a lot of it in my apartment (lamps and a kitchenaid mixer) and I love how it's a bright, clean burst of color in an otherwise simple color scheme.

Here are a few pieces of lovely cobalt inspiration, all from Pinterest:

Gorgeous wedding cake

I'd never wear this color eyeshadow in a million years, but it IS beautiful.

I love the colored denim trend!

It's bright, yet office appropriate

Blue suede shoes

Are you a fan of cobalt blue?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting hauled into court...

(This post is going to be totally geeky.  My apologies.)  

(This isn't the court we went to; this is the DC Court of Appeals, which is across the street)

As part of 1L year, we have an assignment to go down to the local courthouse and watch both a criminal and a civil proceeding.  In DC, the local court that hears most cases at the lower level is called the DC Superior Court (definitely not be be confused with the U.S. Supreme Court).  Last week I made the trip down with one of my classmates...on the whole, my feelings were mixed.  

One the one hand, it was really amazing to see the system in action and to see some real life Law&Order (people always make fun of the show, but it's actually pretty realistic in a lot of ways!).  On the other hand, it becomes immediately apparent that the vast majority of the defendants are from socially marginalized groups (most are clearly poor and from racial/ethnic minorities) and are dealing with a system that is very much stacked against them.  

Despite my mixed feelings, it was an incredible experience.  Law school, particularly 1L year, is such an academic endeavor that's completely removed from the real world.  I spend tens of hours a week reading cases and writing assignments in a setting that's totally abstract and removed from the actual practice of law.  It was really exciting to actually see everything we've learned being used in a practical setting.  

And since this IS a style blog, the outfit I wore...

Dress: Ann Taylor, Cardigan: Zara, Pumps: Ann Taylor


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Tie a Scarf

I thought this was pretty handy!

I generally just go with #1, but #2 is so cool

How do you like to tie your scarves?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Recent Purchase: Lilly Crystal Dress

If you remember, a few months back I was lusting over this gorgeous Lilly dress.  I never ended up taking it home and I was disappointed when the end-of-summer Lilly sale came and it wasn't available in my size/preferred color.  Thankfully, everything happens for a reason, so when Lilly re-released the dress in black as part of the fall collection, I knew I had to snap it up.

I have absolutely no occasion in mind to wear it.  (Although we do have law school formal in the spring!).  It's super flattering on and it's the quintessential little black dress.  Love love love it!

Have you picked up any new Lilly lately? 

Friday, October 7, 2011

To My BFF For Her Birthday :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!  (Editor's note: Obviously this post was supposed to be posted yesterday but due to me being an idiot and thinking I had already posted it, up it goes now!)

Today (now yesterday) my number one betch turned 22!!  As much as I wish we could be together to celebrate, it would be difficult for us to top last year's birthday shenanigans which included a casual win of Roggie's Wednesday night trivia.  Don't worry Kate, I am going to figure out how to make a birthday cake shot and I will see that you take one when we are reunited ;)

So, in honor of Kate's birthday, I'm obviously going to embarrass her with a mushy post about how wonderful she is.  Kate has been my best friend for a long time now and I can't believe how grown up we are!  This time last year we were three days from the LSAT (or was it the PSAT?), panicking over where we were going to law school, and drowning our stress/celebrating life at Cityside on our Wednesday Friendsdays (three is too many!)

At the Boston Ballet to see the Nutcracker last winter!

I can't even begin to explain why I'm so lucky to have Kate as my BFF.  She's my sounding board for decisions big and small, from where to go to law school to what dress to wear to commencement ball.  We are always on the same page and can always count on each other whether we want to shop, rant, cry, or share something completely random or hilarious.  She can always make me laugh and I have yet to meet someone else whose sense of humor is so perfectly compatible with mine.

I don't like that we are apart but honestly, except for the fact that I haven't actually seen you in person in a few weeks, it feels like nothing's changed...because soul sisters aren't affected by geographical distance.

Love you babe.  Happy birthday!!!  I miss you so much, I can't wait to get brunch and a pitcher of mimosas (do they even come in pitchers?) when I come home...we've got to make up for some lost time.


P.S. I have to include this quote (obviously stolen from Kate) that I think sums up fairly accurately the basis of our friendship:
"Most people are brought up to believe they are as good as the person next to them.  I was told I was better."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm hitting the big 2-2 today!  (I feel old!)

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Think Pink: Shopping for the Cure

Am I the only one who is shocked that it's already October?  It feels like I've been here (in NYC/law school) forever, but it also feels like time has flown and, as usual, the summer was entirely too short.  Despite my disbelief, however, I am excited that October is here.  As I'm sure you all know already, October is breast cancer awareness month!  As someone whose family has been affected by cancer in many different ways, raising awareness is very important to me.  I love breast cancer awareness month because it's great to be reminded once a year to be either keep up your own healthy habits to prevent cancer (healthy eating, regular checkups, regular exercise, etc.), and it's also great to see the different ways people show their support for those who are battling cancer and think about it every day of the year.

The month of October always brings a new crop of fun, innovative ways to fundraise for breast cancer awareness.  The American Cancer Society, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer and several others are all great organizations to support if you feel like making a donation in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  Lucky for us, many of our favorite stores and designers make it extra easy to support breast cancer awareness by partnering with these organizations to sell breast-cancer themed products and help raise money!  Here are a few of my favorites that I have seen - these are GREAT gifts (the holidays are around the corner and it never hurts to start early) and they're also a great excuse to shop for yourself ;)

Bloomingdale's really went all out this year.  The "Give Pink Get More" promotion allows you to make a $15 donation to the BCRF (charged to your Bloomingdale's credit card) and then receive a gift card worth up to $250 based on how much you spend during the month of October.

Bloomingdale's also has their Little Pink Boutique open during the month of October that features all sorts of pink-themed items, and a portion of the sales go to the BCRF.

How cute is this little pink bag?  Only $20!

This little Estee Lauder pin ($12.50) has the traditional pink stones 
for breast cancer awareness, as well as a blue stone to 
represent the percentage of men that are fighting breast cancer.
(Photos Courtesy: Bloomingdale's)

Tory Burch
This October, Tory Burch has released a limited edition pink patent leather Eddie Ballet Flat, available online and at Tory Burch boutiques for $178.  15% of the sales of these shoes go to the BCRF up to a maximum donation of $15,000.

I will admit that I am a pink fanatic...but I LOVE the color of these.
(Photo Courtesy: Tory Burch)

This jewelry store, as a part of its "Think Pink Give Pink" campaign, has a whole bunch of really cute little charms to help you show your support for the fight against breast cancer.  My favorite is a little sterling silver ribbon charm ($46).  This would be a great gift!!

I am definitely going to get this as a gift.  For myself.
And maybe also someone else.
(Photo Courtesy: Dogeared)

Ann Taylor LOFT
LOFT has partnered with Jessica Quirk of What I Wore to make the Jessica Quirk for LOFT Cares Bracelet ($34.50).  $5 from the purchase of each bracelet goes to the BCRF as a part of their "LOFT Cares" campaign, up to a maximum donation of $200,000.

(Photo Courtesy: What I Wore)

So, there you have it!  My "Best of Breast Cancer Awareness" selections.  I hope you'll buy some of these items or make a donation (I know I will!) to support this great cause.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Color: Essie Luxedo

In theory I love the idea of going to a spa.  In practice...not so much.  I'm lucky to have clear skin, so facials and such are out; waxing hurts; and having a stranger rub my naked body squicks me out.  Even if I was a spa fanatic, that stuff is super expensive, so my favorite way to pamper myself and de-stress is with a relaxing pedicure.

Now that summer is officially behind us (tear...), I decided it was time for a bit of fall color on my toes.

It's the perfect color for me and it screams fall.  Plus I love any dark color that doesn't give off a goth/punk vibe (funny story...I was actually afraid to enter Hot Topic when I was in middle school).  

What nail color are you wearing?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Craving: Frye Melissa Logo Boots

It's really no secret at all that I love my Frye harness boots.  I've had them for years and they've held up so well, not to mention the fact that they go with pretty much everything.  That's why when I spotted these, I was in love.

As a horse girl, I love that they remind me of old school hunt boots like these:

I REALLY don't need another pair of boots, but these ARE pretty...

Are you a fan of Frye boots?