Sunday, August 21, 2011

North Face Recon

As much as I tried to avoid it, orientation convinced me of the need for a backpack.  I've used Longchamp totes since high school, but between my laptop, lunch, and five seriously heavy textbooks, there was no way a tote was going to cut it.  Even though I love the chic look of a shoulder bag, I went ahead with my search for a backpack.  I ended up choosing a North Face Women's Recon.

Surprisingly, I really really like it.  North Face backpacks are designed with orthopedics in mind, so it really is comfortable for lugging a ton of heavy stuff.  It's also a women's style, which means it's proportioned to fit a woman's body...which is very important for my narrow shoulders.  Plus, I love the color (but not the name...squid red...seriously?).  I wanted something that was feminine, but a little less obnoxious than a fluorescent magenta backpack.  The burgundy color with the peachy pink accents totally fits the bill.  

What kind of bag are you carrying for school?  Have you used a North Face bag in the past?  


  1. I carry a Longchamp and a North Face Recon. I typically don't need to carry my books to class daily so the Longchamp is my go-to bag but for trips to the library the Recon is great.

  2. @janeaustenprepster: That's good to far I really like it. It's comfy!