Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School: Book Bags

Finding a new book bag is one of the more fun things about going back to school.  This year, I'll be heading off to law school, so functionality is one of my highest priorities (law books are HEAVY).  Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Longchamp is my standby for school bags.  In the past I've used teal, purple, and beige longchamps, but I've always really liked black.  They hold everything, are easy to take care of, and look chic.  

Ok, so I normally HATE backpacks.  And, to be totally honest, this one isn't a complete exception.  That said, lugging many pounds of textbooks on the subway is going to be difficult, and a backpack is definitely the smartest choice.  I like that this one is scaled for a woman's body (no need to look like I'm climbing a mountain) and I like the girly purple.  Plus the bottom is brown, which would definitely stay clean.  

A Boat and Tote is a preppy classic.  The canvas is so sturdy and the handles are so well made that you never have to worry about overstuffing these bags.  Although the open top bag is more classic, I like the security that the zip-top option provides.  Plus I love anything that can be monogrammed!  And they come in so many bright colors!

What do you think?  What bag will you be carrying for school/work this fall?


  1. I love this post-because I have all three haha! I also have a Vineyard Vines tote that fits a lot and is super comfy to lug around!

  2. I love the Bean Boat and Totes...there is a fun store in Annapolis where I have mine monogrammed! xx