Friday, August 5, 2011

Ork City Neighborhood Posters

As I move into my new apartment in DC, I've been looking for unique and fun ways to decorate the walls. A few months ago, I came across these city neighborhood posters over at Ork Posters.

These are such a cute's fun to see different neighborhoods marked very clearly on the map.  I'm thinking about getting the Boston and DC prints, having them matted/framed, and displaying them together.  Such a fun idea!

Thoughts?  Have you seen the city neighborhood posters before?  What kind of art do you like to decorate with?


  1. i love these posters. i keep waiting for them to do one of a place that i've lived!

  2. Wow I've seen the Los Angeles one before but had no idea they did other cities! Hanging the Boston one in your new apartment would be a great way to keep a little bit of home with you :)

  3. These are so cute! Great way to keep a little bit of "home" always with you :)

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  5. No Austin, no Atlanta.

    I am disappointed.