Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent Purchase: French Connection Striped Dress

A long-time family friend is getting married next month.  I, of course, instantly found a dress (more on that in another post, but at any given time, I have 20 fancy dresses bookmarked online with nowhere to wear them to, so I was good to go), but my mom worked much more slowly.  While waiting for her to finish trying on one of a million things, I ended up grabbing this French Connection dress...

It does look a little like I'm a referee/in jail, but it's very cute on.  The sleeves have a slight puff at the cuff, so the shape is still very feminine even against the stripes.  I wore it to a friend's birthday last weekend with tights and boots, but I think it will still work in the spring and summer with bare legs and sandals.  

(I know Claire is going to give me a hard time about this one because I own a million striped, long sleeve mini dresses.'s my thing).


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