Monday, April 2, 2012


This is a pretty good representation of my weekend.  

Friday morning I did my first round of the 1L moot court competition.  (Basically you're doing an oral argument as though you're representing a client/the government on appeal in a criminal case).  You didn't find out if you made the cut until Saturday night and if you did, you had to go again on Sunday.  I ended up making the cut (woot!), so I competed again on Sunday afternoon.  Obviously I had to take an outfit photo and make a strange/hilarious face. 

I also got lunch with my mom on Saturday at Clyde's in Friendship Heights.  I feel like such a hipster taking photos of my crabcake sandwich.  And I got in one last Irish Cream Georgetown Cupcake before they moved on to a different flavor in April.  

It was great, but hardly a relaxing weekend...

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