Monday, March 5, 2012

I used to be cool...

This was my weekend.  In theory, I'm currently on spring break.  For 1Ls at my law school, the first four days of spring break are devoted to the journal competition.  If you want to be on a journal (like Law Review), you have to participate in the competition.  We are given 394 pages of various materials (cases, studies, law review articles, statutes) and we have to come up with a case note.  There are also a bunch of crazy rules (we have to use some obscure font and very exact margins).  A big part of our score is the citations, so things as silly as the italicization of a period matter.  

I'm realllllllyyyy looking forward to turning this in tonight at 8pm.  


  1. You have me so excited for law school right
    Good luck :)

    Abby xx

  2. school is awesome, just not the journal competition!