Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working Girl

I've mentioned it before, but the months of January and February were basically consumed with me applying for summer jobs.  It's a super stressful process, especially if you want to work for a judge (I do).  Judges rarely post that they're looking for summer clerks, so you have to just send unsolicited copies of your resume/cover letter/transcript to every judge that you could conceivably think of considering working for, hoping that one or two calls you in for an interview.  I sent out around 200 resumes and ended up with 5-ish interviews.

I interviewed with a trial judge in Maryland (Trial judges are ones who well, hear trials.  As opposed to an appellate judge who hears appeals) and I was super excited when he offered me the job on the spot!  His docket is pretty's mostly civil cases (big tort stuff, wrongful termination), but he's also hearing a murder trial over the summer.

Obviously I had to take a pre-interview shot of my outfit in the courthouse bathroom...

My apologies for the grimace.  


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