Friday, March 9, 2012

Recent Purchases: J. Crew, Longchamp

Shopping for work clothes makes me feel so grown-up.  The other 99.9% of the time I feel like an overgrown college student with an incredibly messy apartment.  

J. Crew perfect oxford shirts (these fit so well) - they're not nearly as wrinkled looking in real life.

No. 2 Pencil Skirts - these are ridiculously flattering and will definitely be my go-to for my summer job.  Plus, my booty somehow miraculously fit into the size 2, which was a real ego-booster!

I've wanted a denim jacket for forever.  They always look so cute on other people, but I think I was scared off by this really thick denim jacket I had as a kid.  It was so stiff that I couldn't move my arms.  This one is wonderfully soft and just a smidge stretchy.  

I've been dying for one of these short-handled longchamp bags for a couple of years.  I think they look so cute with summer dresses.  So glad I finally picked one up.



  1. I love the J. Crew perfect shirt! They do fit so well :) And I absolutely love the green skirt!
    And your description of your denim jacket has me rethinking my stance on them...I also had a really uncomfortably stiff one as a kid. Hmmm....they're also supposedly going to be big this spring!

    Abby xx

  2. I love the longchamp! I have a large one that I use for school, but I've wanted a smaller one for a while. That denim jacket is super cute too! I found one at NEw York and Company a few years ago that is super cute! And like you, I thought I could never pull one off, but I make it work :D