Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Prom" Dress

Like a lot of law schools, my school holds an event called "Barrister's Ball" in the Spring.  It's better known around campus as Law School Prom.  People get all dressed up and head to a hotel downtown.  Tickets are pretty expensive and it's open bar, so it's a big deal.

Even though we call it "prom," most people stick to fancy cocktail attire.  Boys wear suits (not tuxedos), and most girls wear short dresses, not traditional poofy prom dresses.  I actually wore a DVF minidress to  my prom (in 2007...I feel old), but I sort of regret not doing the long dress thing.  

I'm planning on wearing this navy one-shoulder Shoshanna dress.  With these shoes.  The jury is still out on a bag.  I'm thinking about a dove grey Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC, but I'm not totally sold on that idea yet.  

Any bag suggestions for me?

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