Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Update

(Yes, I completely stole that photo off the Cafe Deluxe website)

I met up with my parents on Friday night for dinner.  Shrimp fajitas + a couple glasses of sangria = a good time.  Finishing it off with a Georgetown Cupcake was a deliciously good decision.  I wanted to try one of the April flavors, so I went with Boston Cream.  So good - it was a lot like a Boston cream doughnut.   

Saturday night was date night with the boy in Bethesda.  We ended up at Cafe Deluxe and then went and saw The Hunger Games.  I hadn't read the book and I wasn't really expecting much from the movie, but it was pretty entertaining.  I'm thinking the series would be a good beach read once I'm done reading casebooks for the semester.  

Sunday was Easter dinner at home with the family.  (Seriously, I swear my life involves more than just eating!).  


  1. sounds like a very relaxing weekend! My life doesn't involve much besides eating so don't worry haha!

  2. Ahhhh I would love a Georgetown Cupcake right now! It's been waaaayyyy too long...and Edinburgh bake shops just can't compare.