Friday, April 6, 2012

Hopping on the Bandwagon: Jack Rogers

Every summer I'm always on the prowl for cute summer sandals and every summer I seem to struggle with finding something I really like.  I like things that are cute and feminine without being super girly.  Plus, I want something that actually looks cute on my foot!

Pretty much every preppy blogger on the planet has an arsenal of Jack Rogers sandals.  While I definitely consider my style to have a lot of preppy influences, I'm also not a super prepster, either (I love my leather jackets and Frye boots too much), which is why I never really got on the Jack Rogers wagon.

That is, until recently.  I ended up trying on a pair on a whim and I was shocked at how cute they are on.  They're definitely a preppy staple, but worn with a pair of cuffed skinny jeans or a sundress and denim jacket, they're something that totally fits into my wardrobe.

I ended up getting two pairs.  The all brown pair on the right, and the classic black pair on the left.  I actually wore the black pair walking to my job interview (I put on pumps before I went in), so I think they might be lucky.  They've taken a bit of breaking in, but they're pretty comfortable now.  Definitely the sandals I'm going to be wearing the heck out of all summer.  I'm actually planning on getting a platinum pair to wear for slightly dressier stuff (maybe to wear when I change out of my crazy 5" prom shoes?)

Do you wear Jack Rogers?  What color do you have?


  1. I love these! I have a pair of wedge jack rogers and they're the comfiest shoes I own!

  2. I love Jacks! they really do go with so many different looks.