Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cobalt Blue

One of my absolute favorite colors is cobalt blue.  I have a lot of it in my apartment (lamps and a kitchenaid mixer) and I love how it's a bright, clean burst of color in an otherwise simple color scheme.

Here are a few pieces of lovely cobalt inspiration, all from Pinterest:

Gorgeous wedding cake

I'd never wear this color eyeshadow in a million years, but it IS beautiful.

I love the colored denim trend!

It's bright, yet office appropriate

Blue suede shoes

Are you a fan of cobalt blue?


  1. I love cobalt too! It is so bright, but looks great in all the seasons. Those shoes are fabulous!

  2. We are both *big* fans of this shade of blue, it's all over the house, we both have sweaters in it, just love it!

    Sending you a smile,

  3. Love this color, it's an absolute favorite of mine.
    Question: where did you get that picture of the blue eye shadow? I'm loving the look! xo, LP