Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting hauled into court...

(This post is going to be totally geeky.  My apologies.)  

(This isn't the court we went to; this is the DC Court of Appeals, which is across the street)

As part of 1L year, we have an assignment to go down to the local courthouse and watch both a criminal and a civil proceeding.  In DC, the local court that hears most cases at the lower level is called the DC Superior Court (definitely not be be confused with the U.S. Supreme Court).  Last week I made the trip down with one of my classmates...on the whole, my feelings were mixed.  

One the one hand, it was really amazing to see the system in action and to see some real life Law&Order (people always make fun of the show, but it's actually pretty realistic in a lot of ways!).  On the other hand, it becomes immediately apparent that the vast majority of the defendants are from socially marginalized groups (most are clearly poor and from racial/ethnic minorities) and are dealing with a system that is very much stacked against them.  

Despite my mixed feelings, it was an incredible experience.  Law school, particularly 1L year, is such an academic endeavor that's completely removed from the real world.  I spend tens of hours a week reading cases and writing assignments in a setting that's totally abstract and removed from the actual practice of law.  It was really exciting to actually see everything we've learned being used in a practical setting.  

And since this IS a style blog, the outfit I wore...

Dress: Ann Taylor, Cardigan: Zara, Pumps: Ann Taylor



  1. I have that cardigan in camel. And I almost bought it in grey the other day but the line was too long. #soulsisters

  2. Kate, I think it's a super common thing. I know a ton of my friends here and at other law schools are starting to break up. It's actually unusual how many people I know who are going through this right now. At least we can commiserate!
    P.S. Love the outfit, isn't going to court so much fun! It makes you start to feel like a real lawyer.
    xo, LP