Sunday, January 29, 2012

Law School Update

If you haven't noticed...I've been a little skimpy on the posts lately.  This is due in large part to the craziness that school has been unleashing on my lately, so I figured I'd do a more personal post about what's been going on in my life.

1) My classes this semester are WAY more work.  The readings have been much longer and denser and have been keeping me...more than busy.

2) Job applications are such a pain.  I'm trying to get a summer job/internship with a judge here in D.C., but there's no centralized system for doing this.  The only way to apply is to send (via snail mail) hundreds (literally!) of cover letters and resumes to different judges.  It's a ton of work.

3) ADR competition.  My school has various competitions throughout the year where students can test various legal skills that we've developed.  I'm doing the client counseling competition today.  Basically the idea is that you're meeting a client for the first time who's been locked up for committing some sort of criminal offense.  Pretty cool, but also a little nerve wracking.

4) GRADES.  Grades were released Friday.  Waiting

So, in short, you can see that things have been a little crazy so far this year.  I'm hoping things will settle down in the next couple weeks.

I hope everything is going well for everyone at their job/school!

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  1. sounds stressful, hope everything works out well for you. I'm hoping to go to law school after graduating from university , so I love ur blog :) gives me an insight to law school