Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cynthia Vincent Juno Wedges

I had my eye on the latest incarnation of these when I first saw them on shopbop.  The newest pairs are in light pink and a multicolor pattern, which, while cute, don't really work for me.  The multicolor was a bit loud for me and the thought of light pink suede makes me nervous about stains.  Plus, I have a real aversion to paying $100+ for sandals, and these were going for $195.

I was poking around and found THESE on Jildor for less than half that.  The black suede is much more practical for me and the price was much friendlier.  They also look super cute on...and they're pretty comfortable as well.  Definitely something I could wear all night without having to hobble home.  I imagine myself wearing them with cute summer dresses or cuffed skinny jeans.

I really love that sweet zipper detail on the back.  I can't wait for summer!


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