Monday, November 7, 2011

Recent Purchase: Dressy Pants

After my second trip down to the D.C. Superior Courthouse (to view a proceeding - not as a defendant!), I became aware of a small hole in my wardrobe.  As I was getting ready that morning, I ended up wearing the pants off of my suit.  As much as I love my suit pants, I decided that I needed another pair or two of good pants for wearing to professional events.

I ended up going with two pairs from Ann Taylor, only one of which has photos on the website...

Although I normally gravitate towards the slightly lower rises at places like Ann Taylor (you know, more grown up places), I decided to go with the standard, higher rise on these.  For one, it just looks more professional.  Low-rise has no place in a conservative environment, particularly the legal world.  Just say no.  Second, for trousers, I think a higher rise is a lot more flattering on most people.  It makes your legs look miles long and hides any hint of a tummy.  

After looking at a ton of cute blogs that have college girls talking about their tailgating outfits, I feel like such an old lady getting pumped about dress pants from Ann Taylor!  


  1. I interned in DC over the Summer at a casual media company so I mainly wore skirts and dresses but most likely I will be interning there again over Christmas break which means I'll be needing dress pants! I will have to check these out!

  2. I've been enjoying buying a new professional wardrobe and picking up fun pieces. I adore Ann Taylor's dress pants - they're very flattering and cut well. Great advice for buying work appropriate clothing for when you're employed in a conservative environment! :)