Monday, November 21, 2011

Law School Reflection: Three months

It hit me today that I'm almost three months into law school.  On the one hand, it strikes me as insane that I'm nearing the end of my first semester.  At the same time, it seems really weird that it's only been three a lot of ways it feels like a lifetime.  So, in the interests of cataloging my experiences...I'm going to do a little reflection on things I've learned so far.

1.  Socially, law school is like regressing to high school.  Because you take all your classes with the same group of 100 people (or less, depending on the school), everyone knows each other and is going to be up in your business.  Catty girls are going to hate you and talk behind your back for no reason.  (Sadly, I've learned this from experience).  Everyone's hookups are public knowledge.  On the flip side, you get to know a group of 100 people really, really well, and your section will develop all sorts of inside jokes and stuff like that.

2.  Being in a relationship during law school is really really hard.  This is doubly true if the person you're with isn't in law school/hasn't been to law school.  The nature of the stress is really unique, and unless you've been there, you can't understand.  (If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in law school, give them a kiss and forgive them when they're forced to cancel plans with you at the last minute.)

3.  Even if you were a star in undergrad, law school is hard.  I graduated with latin honors and an economics degree from BU (I'm no slouch!) and there are still days when I feel like a total idiot.  The material is difficult and even when it comes naturally to you, it's still hard!

4.  Law students like a good time.  Seriously, no one drinks or goes out more than a law student.

5.  Random people love to come up to you in public and comment on the law in general when they see you holding a legal textbook.  I've had so many strangers come up to me on the subway or in line at the grocery store when they see me with a textbook to give me their opinion on law school/being a lawyer/the legal job market.

6.  Fundamentally, if you want to be there, school is fun.  As much as its stressful and (at times) demoralizing, it's also incredible.  You learn so much in such a short period of time, and if you're passionate about the subjects, it's actually an exhilarating, fun experience.


  1. This post is incredibly useful-I've debated whether I want to go to law school or not (and am still debating!) and this is the kind of real information I needed to know haha! I'm glad that overall your doing well and enjoying the experience!

  2. Thanks! As much as you can research and visit schools, there's nothing like talking to someone who's been there. Feel free to drop me an email anytime if you have any specific questions!

  3. I'm planning to go to law school after finishing undergrad (and maybe a master's degree), so this was really interesting! Definitely keep posting about your experience in school, I'd love to read more. Good luck with the end of the semester!