Monday, September 19, 2011

Ken Bailey Prints

In my continuing saga to decorate my apartment...

My mom brought be back one of these adorable Ken Bailey prints from a trip with my dad.  I love how he matches the product to the breed of dog.  I also really like how they mix really beautiful, classy, vintage aesthetics with playful messages.  They're an absolute must for any dog lover (he does cat ones too!).

Here are a few of my favorites...

I love how the flavors (chocolate, black forest, lemon yellow) correspond to the three colors of labs (black, chocolate, yellow).  I have a big yellow lab so I LOVE this one.  My parents have a print of this one in our house.  

More love for the yellow labs!

This is the one my mom picked up for me...LOVE the Boston Terrier (my college mascot - go BU!)

Scottie with shortbread...too cute!

They're all available online at  These would be such a cute gift idea for any animal lovers in your life. 

Have you seen Ken Bailey posters before?  What kind of posters/art do you like to use to decorate you house/apartment/dorm?


  1. Awww, these are the cutest! I especially love the Scotty Shortbread one :)

  2. These are so freaking adorable - I love the Boston terrier one! People are so creative - these could not be cuter!
    In my room right now I have prints hanging that I bought in China of different things and a framed print of a Dali painting (he's my favorite). My parents are very into going to art auctions and we have so many of those vintage-y French posters all over my house.
    Seriously, I love these! :)

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