Friday, September 16, 2011

{The Best} Skinnies

{The Best} will be a little feature I'm doing highlighting some of my absolute favorite products that I can't get enough of.  Kind of like Oprah's "Favorite Things" episodes, minus the giveaways.

For me, nothing says "fall fashion" quite like a pair of perfect skinny jeans tucked into boots.  It's a look that I love, and it practically becomes my uniform by the time October rolls around.  It isn't much more difficult than a pair of bootcut jeans and sneakers, yet it looks so much more polished.

Despite my love of the skinny jean look, I have a hard time finding great skinny jeans that fit.  While I'm pretty average in size overall, I'm also pretty curvy (hello Kim K. booty!), which makes finding skinnies tough.  I despise anything super low-rise, and since I have a booty, rises tend to fall lower than they should on me.

When I tried on the JBrand 910 skinny jean, I was sold.  The low rise is really more of a mid-rise, so I don't have to worry about my behind making an unscheduled appearance.  The material is stretchy enough to be comfortable, but structured enough to avoid bagging out after one wear.  They come in a variety of colors ranging from a light blue to a very dark blue rinse.  And despite skinny jeans' reputation for making your legs look chunky, these inexplicably make my athletic legs look long and lean.

There's something so fantastic about finding the perfect pair of jeans.  What are your favorite pair of skinny jeans?  What's your go-to brand for denim?


  1. I'm a big J Brand fan, and an even bigger skinny jeans fan. I have a few pairs of the 910, and have recently fallen in love with AG skinny jeans. Finding jeans that fit are definitely one of life's small pleasures - some people just don't understand how necessary good fitting denim is!

  2. I love Paige Skinny Jeans, I am pretty tall and they are a great length, and also have just the right amount of stretch!