Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lilly Agendas

How sweet are the new Lilly agendas?

I actually already purchased a planner for this year, but it's boring and black and very drab looking.  I may have to go ahead and pick this one up.  I think the bright Lilly prints would easily carry me through the dreary and work-filled days of winter, don't you think?

What kind of agenda or planner do you use?  Have you used a Lilly planner in the past?



  1. I just wrote about this and since the planner I really wanted didn't work out, I think I'm going to order a Lilly one this weekend. I'm loving the last print!!!

    Let me know if you get one and which print! I've never had one before :P

  2. @Lauren: I ended up ordering the navy one. I'm away from home for a few days but I should be able to get a look at it on Saturday. I'll definitely do a follow up post on it.

  3. My bf bought me a Hermes croc agenda a few years back which is beautiful but kind of small and the refills are pricy (100/ year!) so I didnt use it this year. I bought the navy bloomers a few days ago and should be getting it soon!

  4. Hi, Kate,

    These are so pretty!

    I haven't used one in a while, sadly just stay organized with my phone and email searches!

    Love your Boston pics below--

  5. I love my Lilly planner. It has plenty of space for everything(lined) along with calendar views. I also love all the prints for each month and the cute stickers. :)

  6. @MissBliss: Thanks! I admire anyone who can use their phone to stay organized...I need the satisfaction of actually crossing stuff off with a pen!

    @Janeaustenprepster: I'd be lying if I said the stickers aren't what pushed me over the edge into buying one.